• 19th July 22
  • 01:00 PM to 01:50 PM
  • FINN 2: Hall 2

In the medium term, air passenger demand remains uncertain, despite current strong demand and capacity crunches.

OEMs, Suppliers and Fleet Owners need to decide how to invest to meet this unpredictable demand whilst they also face input cost inflation and supply shortages, against a backdrop of rising interest rates and competition for capital.

At the same time now is the time for strategic repositioning of supply chains as various players are placing bets for the future technologies that will drive the industry.

Our panel will aim to bring together key players from across the spectrum: corporate decision-makers and transformation leaders, to discuss and bring answers to some key questions, for example:

  • How should players meet short term demand uptick while mindful of high volatility in the medium term
  • How to balance short term investment needs (and cash reserves) with strategic investments
  • Are they any opportunities for consolidation (Lessors, Airlines, Suppliers)

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19th July 22
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