• 19th July 22
  • 12:00 PM to 12:50 PM
  • FINN 4: Hall 4

It has been nearly 120 years since the Ohio Wright Brothers demonstrated the powered Flight. Today, Ohio has a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for our Aerospace Defense Sector. This builds on our 60-year history investigating microgravity effects on liquid-gas interactions at the NASA Glenn Research Center leading to advances in lighter space systems, power generation, life-support and thermal control. This important work continues as the US enters into a new era of commercial space stations. Back on earth, we are leading in the development and deployment of Advance Air Mobility. We have built infrastructure and flight corridors to allow for early-stage flight and Use Case development in support of industry and the FAA. We continue to see emerging technologies from Ohio companies contributing to detect and avoid radar systems, traffic management, propulsion and power systems, and structures. One such power system technology is a Fuel Cell Hybrid for eVTOL UAV.  


Glenn Richardson, Managing Director Aerospace & Additive Manufacturing, Jobs Ohio  


Tim Sweeney, Director, Advanced Mfg, Aerospace & Aviation, Jobs Ohio

Yanhai Du, Dr and Professor, Kent State University, USA

Joseph Zeis, Aerospace & Defense Advisor to Ohio Governor

John M. Sankovic PhD, President and CEO, Ohio Aerospace Institute 


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19th July 22