• 21st July 22
  • 12:00 PM to 12:20 PM
  • FINN 4: Hall 4

Darrell Swanson of EAMaven focuses on mode choice demand modelling for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and the infrastructure requirements of electric aircraft. Darrell has established himself as a subject matter expert regarding electric aviation and how it will lead to a future of distributed aviation. Darrell’s knowledge encompasses electric aircraft infrastructure requirements as well as defining market opportunities for emerging electric Low Cost Carriers (eLCCs). He is an advisor to NASA’s Transformative Vertical Flight programme, The North Texas Council of Governments NASA AAM programme, the AAM panel at ADS Group, the Community Air Mobility Initiative and is a board member of the British Aviation Group. Darrell has over 20 years’ experience as an aviation consultant on airport master planning projects thru to airport acquisition advisory services. 


Darrell Swanson, Partner, Co-Founder, EAMaven 

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21st July 22