• 21st July 22
  • 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM
  • Space Theatre, Space Zone: Hall 4

As the UK space sector continues to grow, we need to ensure that the skilled workforce is available to support investment, deliver missions and capability, and work with and across other sectors to deliver applications and services providing benefit to the nation.  This panel session, hosted by the Chair of the Space Skills Advisory Panel, will describe two major tertiary interventions aimed at those in or entering the civil or military space workforce. It will provide the community with the opportunity to learn more about the synergies, differences and touch points of the different concepts. 


John Hanley, Vice Chair, UKspace, 

Chair, Space Skills Advisory Panel and 

Senior Vice President, Secure and Assured Space Solutions, CGI UK 

Kathie Bowden, Skills Lead, UKSA 

Gp Capt Edd Watkin, Deputy Head, Space Support, UK Space Command 

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21st July 22