Are you Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The first industrial revolution started in the late 1700s, we are now entering the fourth.

As technology continues its relentless march, the progress that follows is bringing an exponential rate of change.  

Where once the industrial landscape seemed straightforward to navigate, the shifting sands wrought through so much innovation have thrown up numerous questions. What to invest in, when to invest, and what is the competition investing in, all require informed conversations, not sales pitches.

The fourth industrial revolution will be at the heart of July’s Farnborough International Airshow. Aerospace 4.0 is a dedicated exhibition sponsored by Deloitte and focussed on the digital technologies transforming aerospace manufacturing. 

Big data, 3D printing, augmented reality. What will deliver the best value for your organisation over a reasonable timeframe? Experts from companies including: LPW Manufacturing, Acram GE, SAP, and Fraser Nash Manufacturing will be on hand to discuss the details and their impacts.   

As is routinely borne out, the marketplace is no longer just competitive, it is brutally so. Failing to make the right change at the right time means losing ground, and invariably this is to companies from emerging markets.

Output isn’t the only factor. Attracting and retaining talent are major drivers behind the need to innovate processes; creating a workplace that keeps people employable can only be positive.  

Aerospace 4.0 is a strategic opportunity to become immersed in the future, and make informed decisions about the technology and innovation your organisation needs to thrive.

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