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A visit to the Farnborough International Airshow is a commitment: it’s likely to mean an early start, a different commute, and time away from the office. Hopefully, these all fall into the ‘change is as good as a rest’ category, but it’s important a visit to show delivers full value.

There are four exhibition halls packed full of organisations showcasing their businesses. And of course, the highlight of every day: the flying display, featuring the best, the biggest, the fastest and the most agile.  

Certainly, that’s enough to keep busy but there is also a wealth of features, conferences, and networking opportunities to ensure visitors - and exhibitors - leave with valuable insight as well as new business leads.   

The Farnborough Airshow is huge – equivalent to 78 around football pitches. We want to provide focus so that the right people meet in the right place. 

Cargo Village: cargo is a big part of this year’s show with a 1,000sqm village centred around a static display of ‘giants of the sky’ including 747s and an Antonov. For the first time, there will be a dedicated cargo conference programme curated by IATA.

The Delegations Programme: this is a key opportunity for exhibitors to gain an introduction to military or commercial delegations both of which are made up of decision makers. For a strategic exposure to global customers, the Delegations Programme is unmatched.  

Listening to an informed debate, speaking to an industry expert or engaging with an exhibition are all valuable ways to gain knowledge understanding – intangible benefits but arguably just as important as those which serve the bottom line!  

FINN Sessions: FINN - Farnborough’s own news network - which operates year-round reporting on latest industry news and developments, is running a series of talks, panel discussions and seminars. High-profile keynote speakers will challenge current perceptions and provide ideas for the future.

Aerospace 4.0: major change is taking place across manufacturing. This exhibit brings the people and the technology together, providing an opportunity to explore the opportunities, with experts from organisations including Deloitte, Frazer Nash Manufacturing and SAP explaining how they can be used. 

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