Display Your Aircraft

Aircraft MontageAircraft Montage

Static Aircraft Display

The natural amphitheatre at the Farnborough Aerodrome allows aircraft to be exhibited to maximum effect in our extensive static aircraft park. Running in parallel to the exhibition, the static display gives visitors the opportunity to view the aircraft close up. Aircraft participating in the flying display can be shown to visitors prior to flying or based on the north side of the aerodrome and visited under arrangements put in place by the Organisers.

Business Aircraft Park

The Farnborough International Airshow Business Aircraft Park (BAP) is an area devoted to business aircraft manufacturers, their products and services. The Business Aircraft Park is now an integral part of the overall show and contributes significantly to the billions of dollars of business that is done across the trade week.

Located within the main aircraft display area, the BAP is easily accessible from the centre of the main exhibition and will continue to accommodate requests for demonstration flights to potential and existing customers.

Flexible exhibiting options exist for participation within the BAP with three or seven-day packages.

Flying Display

The flying display showcases the most advanced aircraft in both commercial and military design.

Consistent with Farnborough International Airshow’s business role, the flying display takes place during the afternoon, leaving the morning and lunch period free for business activity. The well-structured display provides a valuable presentation in which you can demonstrate the capabilities of your products, enhanced by an illustrative commentary broadcast across the exhibition site.

Customer Demonstration Flights

To enable aircraft exhibitors to provide potential customers with the opportunity to appreciate the qualities of their product in the air, it is possible for them to arrange customer demonstration flights.

Customer demonstration flights by fixed wing aircraft can be arranged on trade days, Monday to Friday, but not during the period of the flying display.

Customer demonstration flights by helicopters can be operated from the Heliport, by arrangement with the Heliport Operator. These flights can take place during the opening hours of the show, including most times during the flying display.

At FIA you do not have to pay any of the following hidden extras:

  • Registration fees
  • Security deposits
  • Premiums for enhanced stand location
  • Aircraft movement fees