Doing Business with the Korean Ministry of Defense

17th July 18 @ 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM Executive Briefing Centre, The Chalet, C4

As an integral part of its acclaimed USA Partnership Pavilion Program, Kallman Worldwide creates a range of opportunities for U.S. exhibitors to establish personal connections and gain first-hand “actionable intelligence” at tradeshows throughout the world. These opportunities include well-attended opening ceremonies and receptions, VIP tours of the Pavilion, and small-group face-to-face briefings with top government and industry leaders. 

Presentation by the Republic of Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration USA Partnership Executive Briefing Center, Partnership Chalet, C4 The changing dynamics of the growing Asia Pacific region, including not only relations with North Korea, but also Russia, China, Japan and others, continues to position the Republic of Korea as a top prospect for American defense suppliers. The Republic of Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) serves as the conduit for U.S.-Korean defense industry cooperation.  Come meet officials and learn more about the procurement process