Using the U.S. Department of Commerce to Increase your Defense Exports

16th July 18 @ 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Executive Briefing Centre, The Chalet, C4

As an integral part of its acclaimed USA Partnership Pavilion Program, Kallman Worldwide creates a range of opportunities for U.S. exhibitors to establish personal connections and gain first-hand “actionable intelligence” at tradeshows throughout the world. These opportunities include well-attended opening ceremonies and receptions, VIP tours of the Pavilion, and small-group face-to-face briefings with top government and industry leaders.

Assistant Secretary for Industry & Analysis, Ms. Nazak Nikakhtar International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce USA Partnership Executive Briefing Center, Partnership Chalet, C4 Assistant Secretary Nikakhtar will engage in a discussion about the Trump Administration’s steps to increase defence exports and better support defence companies in global competitions. As part of the new Conventional Arms Transfer Policy (CAT), the USG has been directed to better coordinate strategy and messaging to support U.S. defence companies, increase promotional opportunities and identify regulations and trade barriers that inhibit the U.S. industry’s ability to compete overseas.  Come and learn first-hand how the USG will be supporting you and provide your input for what regulations and trade barriers need to be addressed to ensure your success