Grob Aircraft SE

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  • Client: Grob Aircraft SE
  • Show: Farnborough International Airshow 2018
  • Show dates: Monday 16th July – Sunday 22nd July
  • Type of Build: Outside Exhibition space / bespoke build 2-storey chalet and static aircraft stand space


Founded in 1971, Grob Aircraft’s vision is to be the premier aircraft manufacturer and support organisation within the training, reconnaissance and surveillance sectors with a mission to develop, manufacture, sell and support industry-leading aircraft through the use of advanced technology. The company also offers computer-based training and flight training devices, technical data, pilot training, maintenance technician training and documentation services and support.

With customers across the globe, it is vital that Grob’s marketing investment achieves their targeted reach and the Farnborough International Airshow is very much at the centre of their exhibition attendance plans.

“Farnborough is at the heart of events in Europe,” says Angelo Robert Calchera, Head of Marketing at Grob Aircrafts SE. “It’s located close to our headquarters in Germany and offers a really wide range of trade visitors and military delegations, both of which are very important to us. Everyone comes to Farnborough!”

For the 2018 show, Grob worked closely with the Farnborough International sales team, first meeting at the Dubai Airshow in 2017.

Initially, there was an issue with available exhibition space; however, these early conversations meant that when space unexpectedly became available, Farnborough’s Sales and Operations teams were able to make immediate contact with Grob.

Grob were offered first refusal on outdoor space immediately adjacent to Hall 1 giving them the opportunity to both build a bespoke pavilion and to exhibit static aircraft – a major uplift to their initial plans. Challenges continued however, as airfield regulations meant that an industry-standard two-storey chalet wouldn’t work in their given location; the build had to move by just five metres.

Farnborough International recommended a company for the bespoke build and worked closely with them to meet Grob’s requirements. Just one day before the event when the Grob team realised that they didn’t have the correct equipment onsite to position their static aircraft display, a call to the Farnborough team meant the issues were resolved within an hour.  

“The team at Farnborough were amazing,” continued Angelo. “They went out of their way to help and solve every problem that arose and were happy to assist with everything.

For Grob, the outcome was more than positive, with an exhibition chalet and static display exactly where they wanted it, looking how they wanted it and achieving what they wanted. It also demonstrates the value of building relationships and the fact that every customer is an individual for the Farnborough International team.

“We had the best experience in 2018 at Farnborough. The position of our space couldn’t have been better and was fitted out exactly to our ideal and entirely met our expectations.”


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