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History of Pioneers of Tomorrow

As Farnborough International Airshow opens its doors to the public for Pioneers of Tomorrow, explore the history of the event and our mission to address workforce issues.

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For 75 years the Farnborough International Airshow has welcomed the leaders in aviation and aerospace to come together and pioneer the future of the industry. The airshow has changed significantly since the first show in 1948, from emerging as a post-war showcase of British manufacturing, then growing in international presence to finally becoming the world-famous event that it is today. Throughout this time, we have welcomed many visitors through the doors and inspired many to learn more about the aerospace industry and explore career opportunities.

Before the Society of British Aircraft Constructors (SBAC) found its permanent home at Farnborough, the airshow had been a behind closed doors event with only trade visitors allowed in. During the first Farnborough Airshow in 1948, a public day was trialled alongside a dedicated Employee Day and Technicians Day. Throughout its 75-year history, there have been numerous changes to the format of the show with the focus shifting depending on the demands of the industry.  

Right now, there is a huge challenge facing the industry’s workforce following an era of dramatic change. It has therefore become ADS and Farnborough International’s commitment to address the issue and design a day that is focused on inspiring the next generations and bridging the gap between employers and career aspirers. 


Pioneers of Tomorrow

Taking place on the Friday of the Farnborough International Airshow, Pioneers of Tomorrow is perfectly placed to fulfil the industry’s need for an engaged workforce. Developing the future of the workforce is an investment in the future of sustainability, growth and prosperity of businesses, communities and societies as a whole. Industries, including aerospace, continuously evolve, requiring a pool of talent with relevant skills and competencies. 

By participating in Pioneers in Tomorrow, exhibitors can fill their workplace vacancies by meeting graduates and career movers but also scope out long-term prospects and inspire the younger generations. Learn more about how exhibitors can get involved here.

For visitors, everyone is able to discover the latest innovations within the industry and learn about the numerous opportunities. 


Addressing Workforce Gaps

Research has demonstrated that children as young as 6 years old start forming ideas about what they’d like to do for a career. During this crucial time, we want to kickstart that interest in aerospace and enable them to engage with industry-leading companies through exciting activities and demonstrations. 

The aerospace industry is a highly sought-after career amongst potential newcomers, ranking as the number one desired industry among engineering students (AGP Industry of Choice report, 2024). For this reason, we believe it is important to drive the importance of STEM subjects early and promote the many career paths available for young people. 

Research also shows that most people will change careers at least once in their lives, and the average amount of times this occurs throughout a person’s employment history is growing. Pioneers of Tomorrow provides the perfect opportunity for career movers of any age to explore the opportunities within the aerospace sector. With just a few relevant transferable skills, there is no limit to the potential you could reach! 


Come along to Pioneers of Tomorrow 2024!

Pioneers of Tomorrow is open to everyone, no matter their age or background, from aviation enthusiasts to someone discovering the wonders of aerospace for the first time. 

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