Celebrating 75 years of Farnborough International Airshow!

Join us as we mark a tremendous milestone – 75 incredible years of pioneering aviation excellence and innovation! Since the first airshow in 1948, Farnborough has been at the heart of numerous aerospace achievements, creating a legacy of awe-inspiring moments and that have shaped British and international skies.

Step into a journey through time as we fly down memory lane, revisiting the trailblazing breakthroughs, historic Farnborough Firsts, and breathtaking static and aerial displays that have defined Farnborough International Airshow over the last three quarters of a century.

Stay tuned for:

  • An insightful blog series looking back at the last 75 years, from local historian Peter Cooper
  • The opportunity to enter a competition to win tickets to FIA2024
  • Information about local heritage trails and more ways to explore Farnborough
  • The chance to test your knowledge on the history of Farnborough International Airshow
  • And much more!

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we invite you to explore Farnborough’s incredible heritage and experience the magic that has drawn aviation enthusiasts, industry leaders and visionaries together from across the world.

As we look back on our extraordinary history, we are also excited to look towards the future – unveiling what lies ahead at FIA2024 and beyond. Be a part of our journey by celebrating the achievements to date and ignite your passion for all things aerospace!


Explore the legacy. Embrace the future.

Register your interest for FIA2024, where the future of aviation and aerospace takes off.

Everyone who registers will be entered into a draw to win a ticket to FIA2024. With 75 tickets up for grabs, don’t miss out on your opportunity to witness the future of aerospace first-hand!

Join our social media campaign by sharing your memories from Farnborough International Airshow using the hashtags #FIA75 and #FIAmemories.

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