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Farnborough International Airshow is a well-known hub for groundbreaking technology and innovation in the aerospace and aviation industry. As a leader in the design and development of advanced electric mobility solutions which are efficient, safe, and sustainable, CRISALION Mobility is dedicated to making advanced air mobility a reality.

This year we will be attending the 2024 Farnborough International Airshow to showcase our latest safe, efficient and sustainable eVTOL solutions, which will change the way the world moves.


Innovation to Reshape Urban Mobility

Advanced Urban Air Mobility is a key challenge that the transportation industry must address. Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are poised to reshape urban mobility, reducing traffic congestion for passenger and freight transport alike and mitigating the environmental impact and noise levels. At CRISALION Mobility, we are committed to creating innovative solutions that respond to this challenge, meeting the pressing global need to find new ways of getting around.

Our Integrity aircraft can carry up to five passengers plus the pilot. Its features make it ideal for urban and inter-city travel, saving time and avoiding common connectivity problems such as traffic congestion and poor road conditions. This aircraft is ideal for freight transport, urban air mobility, emergency services and tourism. It will also be fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. Integrity has a range of 130 km, a cruising speed of 180km/h. Being fully electric, this aircraft is far quieter than traditional helicopters.

Integrity offers a stable, safe flight experience even in adverse weather conditions, thanks to our FlyFree technology, which guarantees the most enjoyable travel experience. FlyFree is an innovative, patented stability system that can control an aircraft’s movements in every direction, ensuring a superior experience in term of efficiency, reliability and manoeuvrability. At the core of this system is advanced rotor control software that gives complete command over each propulsion unit, providing exceptional stability during all phases of flight.


Flight of the Future

At the core of CRISALION Mobility's mission is the belief that the future of flight lies in innovation and sustainability. We believe in a sustainable future where healthier cities are free of pollution and noise, and innovative air mobility solutions are accessible to everyone. This Future is just around the corner!

Carlos Poveda, CEO of CRISALION Mobility, said: “The next decade will bring unprecedented changes in the way we get around. As pioneers of this groundbreaking change, at CRISALION we proudly uphold our pledge to innovate and promote sustainable progress, values which are deeply woven into our work and vision for the years ahead.”


Visit us at stand 41321 where our experts will be on hand to show you how we are changing the way the world moves. You’ll also have the chance to take an immersive virtual reality journey in our state-of-the-art eVTOL and experience the future of transport. Don't miss your chance to experience a new way of moving with us!

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