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Join TXT Group Aerospace & Defence as they exhibit this year at Farnborough International, demonstrating how TXT, a Milan-based Group, specialized in Digital Transformation is innovating the Aerospace & Defence market, but also reinforcing its presence within the Space Economy with the inauguration of a new laboratory specialising in hardware for Space.

With doors opening on July 22, TXT will showcase their expertise in engineering complex technology and innovative Smart Solutions. With 30+ years’ experience in mission-critical and safety-critical contexts, TXT boasts offices throughout Europe: the UK (London - Yeovil), Germany (Berlin - Munich), France (Paris - Toulouse), Switzerland (Stans), the Netherlands (Delft), and Italy (Milan – Turin – Rome), and internationally like in the USA (Seattle), Canada (Montreal), Singapore, Costa Rica (San Jose) and China (Nanjing), confirming their commitment to elevating Aerospace & Defence on a global level. Throughout the week-long air show, it will be possible to engage in debates and discussions concerning the future of the aerospace & defence ecosystem.

Their offer covers the key industry value chains: Design – Operations – Training, with an exclusive demonstration of ARTO (Automated Robotics for Testing Optimisation), a game-changing system employing AI-based machine vision algorithms and collaborative robot technologies for cockpit simulator testing. Visitors can try ARTO using an A320 cockpit. ARTO is one of TXT’s innovative solutions, leveraging on emerging technology and complex engineering to facilitate future flight, pushing the limits of flying known today.

Design – TXT is a global leader in Software & Systems Engineering, Embedded Graphics & HMI Design as well as preliminary aircraft design (and aircraft configuration). At Farnborough International, TXT’s team will have live demonstrations of their Smart Solutions VAPS, established leader in the world of Embedded Graphics and HMI, illustrating how their expertise in UXUI is renovating aircraft interface. DESMO, pioneers in the preliminary aircraft design segment and ACE, facilitates aircraft options selection & cabin configuration. There will be the possibility to learn how TXT is recognised as a primary player in developing Embedded Systems following the DO-178C process, in both civil and defence aviation.

Operations – With a series of Smart Solutions and technical capabilities, at Farnborough International, TXT will demonstrate their contribution to Operations. Their innovative solution FPO optimises flight profiles, reducing CO2 emissions and aircraft efficiency, ultimately strengthening pilot capabilities. Mission focuses on route and aircraft performance analysis, as the only commercially available analysis tool which brings together aircraft definition, aircraft performance and cost investigations in a single environment. TXT’s commitment also to Ground Station operations stems decades, from better ground-to-air communication to connection, not forgetting cybersecurity and experience in assessment (e.g., DO-326/ED202) and DevSecOps along implementation and verification.

Training – On a mission to reshape the future of training, TXT’s offering goes beyond traditional training. TXT leverages emerging technologies like AI and XR to create immersive training experiences for professionals with data analysis integration. Smart Solutions WEAVR and ViXR, both XR-based platforms, allow for effective professional training, based on business goals and procedures, while InstructIQ integrates AI for better data analysis for optimised pilot training. TXT develops a wide range of FMS, maintenance and FTD trainers to facilitate both civil and military pilot training. These Smart Solutions are supported by engineering competencies in training & simulation, that also support leading aerospace & defence companies and training centres, in their digital transformation journey, exploring advanced topics like the metaverse and digital twin.

Visitors can find TXT and their offering at Hall 3, stand 3835.

Reserve your individual meeting now: https://www.txtgroup.com/meet-us/-farnborough2024

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