Defence Innovation
  • Wednesday, 24 July 2024
  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • Location: Inspire, Hall 1 (Upstairs via East Foyer)

AUKUS represents a strategic partnership and a technology accelerator aimed at enhancing security, technology, and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. Within that framework, AUKUS Pillar II is intended to leverage the defense innovation and industrial ecosystems of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to deepen the trilateral capability development and help deliver at pace the cutting-edge technology to the war fighter. But beyond military hardware and geopolitical manoeuvres, what does it mean to set the foundations of AUKUS Pillar II? How important it is to get this right? What critical role play the industries from the three partner countries in that ambitious task? This panel discussion delves into three critical dimensions to understand how we can unlock AUKUS Pillar II opportunities.

This panel discussion delves into three critical dimensions to understand how we can unlock AUKUS Pillar II opportunities:

1. People: How can we empower the next generation of leaders, innovators, industry stakeholders to navigate the complexities of the AUKUS alliance? What skills, knowledge and “cultural competency” are essential for fostering collaboration, shared-values and develop a “collaborative problem-solving approach” across the three partners countries and industrial base?

2. Enabling Environment: How can we create an environment that nurtures AUKUS related expertise? What policies, investments and infrastructure are necessary to support joint initiatives from innovation challenges to procurement process?

3. Partnerships: AUKUS Pillar II extends beyond the core three nations. How can we engage with other regional players to build a network of trust, resilience and shared interests? What role do industry to industry relationships and trade to trade associations dialogue play in advancing AUKUS Pillar II objectives?



  • Iain Martin, Columnist for The Times and Founder of The London Defence Conference
  • Shimon Fhima, Director Strategic Programmes, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Kylie Wright, Acting First Assistant Secretary Defence Industry Policy
    Defence Industry Policy Division, Australian Government
  • Travis Langster, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for International & Industry, US Government
  • Matthew Steinhelfer, AUKUS Senior Advisor, Department for State, US Government
  • Dak Hardwick, VP International Affairs, AIA
  • Samira Braund, Director Defence, ADS
  • Kate Louis, Director Defence, AI Group
24th July 24
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