Au Revoir Paris, Hello Farnborough…

What is it with global aerospace events and extreme weather? Last year Farnborough experienced unprecedented rainfall and this year Le Bourget saw temperatures peaking at a sweltering 37°C.  In both cases the show continued and business carried on as usual. It is the business that takes place at Farnborough and Paris which provides a major indicator as to the state of the aerospace industry. The number and value of aircraft orders announced at the shows allow the supply chain, who will be fulfilling these orders, to plan their own business growth and development accordingly.

For us, the orders are a mild source of rivalry with Paris, but ultimately they are not an indicator as to the success of the show. What makes the show a success for us is the business wins that are confirmed much later and the unquantifiable value placed against the face-to-face contact and networking that such events like Farnborough and Paris provide.

For example, six months after the show our Meet the Buyer event has recorded orders valued at over £11million pounds. That 10-minute introduction has allowed those businesses that participated in the event to develop new relationships and ultimately business wins.

As well as business orders, the Paris and Farnborough Airshows are also a showcase for new technologies and a look at the future direction of the industry. Paris has seen supersonic air travel and flying cars in the headlines and these are also expected at Farnborough in 2018 alongside a whole host of other new and developing technologies in its new Aerospace 4.0 feature at the show.

What the two shows also seem to have in common is the media spotlight…whilst the media likes to highlight the continued rivalry between Boeing and Airbus and fan the narrow vs wide body debate, the media and the event do go hand-in-hand.  As such, they provide a major PR and marketing opportunity. If you’ve got a big news story, major announcement or aircraft or product launch, the Farnborough or Paris airshows are the place to do it.

So now that Paris is over, what’s in store for Farnborough? The exhibition sales team had an amazing week in Paris with a whole host of confirmed participants including Boom Supersonic, Moog – after a two show absence – and GE Additive, new participants to the show as part of our Aerospace 4.0 feature. They have also come back armed with a whole host of enquiries which they will be working on over the coming months. With the show now just over 12-months away, all eyes will now be on Farnborough. Watch this space for more news and announcements about the forthcoming show.

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