Farnborough International Announces Strategic Partnership to Launch ConvergX® UK

Farnborough International has partnered with ConvergX® on a series of events capitalising on our role in connecting the global aerospace and defence industries, and bringing ConvergX’s® expertise in creating cross-sector collaboration with the energy and mining industries to the UK for the first time. 

An Executive Roundtable is to take place in September 2019 at Canada House in London. This will be followed by a ConvergX® Conference at the July of 2020 Farnborough International Airshow.

ConvergX® takes place annually in Calgary, Canada. It provides senior decision makers from industry and the military with a forum to explore growth opportunities and create investment across strategically important sectors: aerospace, defence, security, energy and mining.

As well as hosting and organising one of the world’s biggest and most successful trade shows, Farnborough International operates a global consultancy business with interests in China, the Middle East and the Far East.

Amanda Stainer, Farnborough International’s Commercial Director says: “Farnborough International’s network is unrivalled and our insight is unparalleled. ConvergX® has developed a hugely successful model for enabling organisations from different industries to share technical knowledge, network and engage. We’re delighted to create this partnership and introduce a new focus for exploring opportunities across parallel industries.”

Kimberley Van Vliet, Founder & CEO of WāVv and ConvergX® says: “ConvergX® was created to initiate cross sector discussion and foster cross-sector opportunities amongst senior decision makers from global industries over four years ago.  Currently tracking over 50 cross-sectoral business deals since its inception, the value of the conference has been clearly demonstrated. With Farnborough’s decades of experience and world class reputation, this direction is the logical next step, and we are thrilled with the partnership and opportunities that will arise.”

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