Brooklands Museum Pavilion

Brooklands Museum returns to the Farnborough International Airshow in 2018 with a display to celebrate pioneers of aviation, the First World War centenary, and their own achievements across the past year! The Brooklands Museum Pavilion will be home to amazing aircraft, including the replica Sopwith Camel and Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a, two of the most important aircraft to fly in the First World War. Early aviation enthusiasts will be fascinated by the Roe I Biplane, the model that was tested by AV Roe on the track at Brooklands in 1908. Brookland's aircraft display will also include a replica of the Bleriot XI that was the first aircraft to fly across the English Channel.

The new Aircraft Factory exhibition at Brooklands Museum will also be represented by extraordinary objects and interactive exhibits that will help visitors young and old understand more about the principles and practicalities of aviation design and manufacture. Visitors will be able to try their hands at wing assembly, constructing a flying boat and wood shaping.

On Futures Day we will be challenging students to see who can fly the furthest with our paper plane challenge. Over the public weekend, younger visitors will be able to build their own biplane to take away with them.

Whether you want to see the full size aircraft up close, or perhaps challenge yourself to build your own, the Brooklands Museum Pavilion team look forward to welcoming you.