Get with the Programme

As an exhibitor at any event, the opportunity to meet key decision makers is obviously key to maximising the return on investment. Protocol and Delegations Manager, Jayne Thomson talks about the Military and Commercial Delegations programme at Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) and how to gain access to this valuable service.

What do the delegations programmes at the Farnborough International Airshow entail?

Our delegations programme allows exhibitors to meet face-to-face with key decision makers in the industry. They are all invited as guests of FIA and attend the show as part of an escorted group. If you are successful in participating in the programme they provide your business the exposure you’re looking for with visits to your stand or chalet.

Who would I expect to meet?

The Delegations programme is split into three strands:

  • Military Delegations invited by the UK’s Department of International Trade, Defence & Security Organisation (DIT DSO).  These are high level, government-to-government invitations and are usually accepted by the most senior government and military personnel. 
  • Military Delegations invited by Farnborough International as the airshow organisers.  These can be air force commanders and other senior government and air force personnel.
  • Commercial Delegations invited and hosted by Farnborough International.  This programme will be expanded in 2018 to include delegations comprising senior government officials and representatives of the airlines, OEMs and MRO organisations.

At the 2016 show, we hosted a total of 98 military delegations from 66 countries and 29 commercial delegations from 22 countries.

How do exhibitors get to meet these delegations?

Exhibitors will be notified by email when it is time to make your requests to meet with any delegations. You will need to log-in to your E-Net Exhibitors’ portal to make the application.

All of the delegations will have a schedule of pre-arranged visits to exhibitor stands or chalets. If your request is successful you will be contacted with a proposed date and time.

So I don’t need to worry about it now?

July 2018 may seem a long time in the future – however we are already busy preparing for the event and we would like you to focus on how you can get the most out of your participation. Please let us know if there are any specific delegates, military or commercial you would like us to invite. We will give consideration to these and let you know the progress of the invitation.

What information do I need to provide?

When you request a delegation visit you will have an opportunity to tell us what you want to discuss during the meeting. This can be as simple as saying that you are aware there is a requirement for a capability you can offer.  All requests for delegation visits and supporting information are treated in the strictest confidence, however, information supplied will be shared with the Defence Attaché/Commercial Attaché of the London-based embassy concerned and with DIT DSO Country Desk Officers where appropriate.

Is there a charge to participate in the delegations programme?

There is no additional charge for requesting delegation visits. This is a free service we offer to FIA exhibitors as part of their participation in the event.