Cyber Security in the aerospace industry : PANEL

19th July 18 @ 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Innovation Theatre, Hall 3
Elizabeth Sheldon Neil Cassidy
Prof. Simon Bradley Dr Deeph Chana

Cyber security now represents a major risk to all sectors of the economy. Threats range from those posed by nation states with the capability to launch sophisticated and far-reaching attack campaigns, to individuals engaged in low-level, high-frequency targeting, such as the phishing scams that UK citizens see on a regular basis. Reflecting the rapidly evolving challenge in the digital arena, it is imperative that the global aerospace industry can both adequately defend itself from threats and take advantage of the opportunities offered by an expanding and diversifying market.

It is against this background that, as part of the FINN Sessions being introduced at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow, FIL and ADS are working together to introduce a dedicated session on cyber security, to help educate and inform the industry present as to what they can do to address a wide range of cyber risks.

Join some of the leading experts to learn more about the cyber security issues facing the aerospace industry today:

  • Elizabeth Sheldon – Chairman, Evidence Talks and Vice President  ADS for the Security Sector (Chair)
  • Professor Simon Bradly - Vice President of Innovation, Global Cyber Team, Airbus
  • Neil Cassidy - Director of Cyber Security, Rolls-Royce
  • Dr Deeph Chana - Deputy Director of the Institute for Security Science and Technology, Imperial College

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