• 22nd July 22
  • 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
  • Stand 1210, 4400

In aerospace, shape matters, and flying efficiently is more important than ever before. Find out why planes, rockets, and even spaceplanes are shaped the way they are, and have a go at making your own. Test it in our flow visualisation wind tunnel first, then the best flight wins!

Run by Reaction Engines, a privately held technology Company pioneering space access and sustainable technologies. Based in Oxfordshire and Colorado, US, they employ over 200 people across their sites. Developed for SABRE, their proprietary precooler technology is transformational, delivering world-leading heat transfer capabilities across diverse industries to improve performance in motorsport, convert waste heat into renewable electricity and support sustainable aviation. Enabling Net Zero. Transforming high-speed flight. Pioneering access to space.

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22nd July 22