Sustainability Future Flight Workforce
  • 22nd July 22
  • 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM
  • Aerospace Global Forum: Hall 3

As the world looks to a greener future, the aerospace industry must act fast to secure its place as a sustainable sector. Ensuring that the next generation of aviation and aerospace leaders are at the forefront of developing greener and more sustainable technologies in the global race to Net-Zero.

The Air League in collaboration with IAG, Sustainable Aviation and Lockheed Martin believe that this future is in the hands of our young people and the session will explore what the future of a sustainable aerospace sector will look like.

The session will begin with a presentation from the winners of this years’ Global Innovators’ Challenge and continue with an interactive discussion led by IAG, Lockheed Martin and Sustainable Aviation.


Gabby Logan

Andy Jefferson, Programme Director, Sustainable Aviation

Jonathon Counsell, Group Head of Sustainability, IAG

Carrie Harris, Head of Sustainability, BA

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22nd July 22