"Welcome to our Farnborough Friday page, dedicated to all things STEM. In partnership with STEM Learning, we at Raytheon are delighted to be able to share a curated selection of our collective resources to help inspire and inform your career and lifelong interest in STEM. The impact of STEM subjects is far-reaching and touches everyday life in multiple ways. Working in STEM really makes a difference to our world – whether it’s launching satellites into space or managing the impact of climate change issues closer to home, a career in STEM means no two days are the same. The roles are skilled and highly valued. Please take a browse, listen to what our STEM Ambassadors have to say and why they chose the career path they did. Finally share this page and its contents widely with your friends and do check out www.raytheon.co.uk and www.stem.org.uk for more great resources!" - Alex Rose-Parfitt, Engineering Director and STEM Executive Sponsor 

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