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  • Client: BOOM Supersonic
  • Show: Farnborough International Airshow 2018
  • Show Dates: Monday 16th July – Sunday 22nd July
  • Type of Build: Single-storey chalet, bespoke interior


Blake Scholl founded Boom Supersonic in 2014 with the goal of making supersonic travel mainstream. He brought together a team of engineers and technologists for the sole purpose of making our world dramatically more accessible, saying “If we can fly twice as fast, the world becomes twice as small, turning far off lands into familiar neighbours”. Employees at Boom have made key contributions to over 40 air and spacecraft, and its Overture aircraft is set to make supersonic flight the new standard, with 30 aircraft already on pre-order with companies such as the Virgin Group and Japan Airlines.

As a comparatively new company, it was vital for Boom to be considered a serious industry “player”. To achieve this objective, a completely customised presence at the Farnborough International Airshow was essential.

Working closely with the Boom team, the Farnborough International Sales team recommended a chalet. Although an unsual commitment for a first-time exhibitor at the Show, a chalet offered the best solution to establish the exhibitor’s brand presence and client understanding of the “new Boom”.

“Farnborough was a must for us,” says Emily Jones, Project Manager at Boom Supersonic. “The Show dovetailed with the launch of our new brand, and we wanted a space that key suppliers and key airlines could come into and feel like a piece of Boom was actually there.”

The Farnborough Operations team recommended a suitable internal build contractor and chalet caterer from their list of approved suppliers and then kept a watchful eye on the project’s progress to ensure that Boom was getting the expected level of service.

“It was seamless working with the Farnborough team,” continued Emily. “They responded quickly to all our queries and executed requests with excellence. We had great success with the recommended contractors. We were also thrilled that Farnborough highlighted the Overture aircraft loft on the front cover of their sales brochure.”

The chalet was a big success for Boom, and the trust they had placed in the Farnborough team’s guidance proved invaluable. Boom are looking forward to returning to Farnborough in 2020 in an even more enhanced spot on Chalet Row A.


"Boom had an excellent experience partnering with Farnborough at the 2018 Airshow. We took the opportunity to unveil our new brand look and logo, where we knew our audience would be global. The show exceeded our expectations, and we were grateful for the reliable support of the Farnborough sales team. With the help of our chalet build-out partner, RTH, we created a space that clearly illustrated Boom’s values and mission. In the chalet, we made more progress and held more meetings than at any other air show to date.” (Emily Jones, Project Manager - Boom Supersonic)


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